This City In Florida Is The Best For Cat Owners

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Orlando Is First And NYC Worst City For Cat Owners - Cat owners are living their best life in Orlando.

That's according to LawnStarter, which compiled a list of the best cities for cat lovers. Orlando took first place in the rankings based on factors like vet access, the cost of cat sitting and cat-friendly rental properties.

The city also claimed the top spot when it comes to housing and accommodations, boarding establishments, cat sitters and cat cafes.

Other top cities include:

· Lakewood, CO

· Cary, NC

· Tempe, AZ

· Fort Collins, CO

· Irvine, CA

· Bellevue, WA

· Corona, CA

· Napierville, Il

The worst city to be a cat owner is New York City. Others at the bottom include:

· Honolulu, HI

· Brownsville, TX

· Detroit, MI

· San Francisco, CA

· Los Angeles, CA

· Augusta, GA

· Cleveland, OH

· Philadelphia

· Boston

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