Trader Joe’s Customers Are Obsessed With TJ’s New ‘Garlic Bread Cheese’

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Photo: (Getty Images)

Everyone is familiar with a crunchy slice of garlic bread straight from the oven and Trader Joe’s is now offering that same experience in a gluten-free product called Garlic Bread Cheese. It’s derived from juustolepa, which is a Finnish cheese with “hearty, remarkably bread-like consistency and squeaky halloumi-like texture” according to TJ’s.

It’s made with Wisconsin cow’s milk, dusted with garlic powder and baked to perfection. The end result is a cheese with bubbly, dark brown spots like you’d see on garlic bread. Turns out, it’s a pretty healthy snack with each 1-ounce serving containing:

· 90 calories

· 7 grams of fat

· 200 mg of sodium

· 2 grams of carbs

· Zero sugar

· 6 grams of protein

Trader Joe’s suggests slicing it and heating it up in a microwave or skillet and serving it with marinara sauce. A 6-ounce pack goes for $3.99 and it’s available now at your local TJ location.

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