Britney Spears Provides Testimony In Conservatorship Case - #FreeBritney

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US singer Britney Spears performs in Rot

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Britney Spears is scheduled to speak at her conservatorship hearing later today, and a new report reveals just how much she's hated being under her father Jamie's control.

A report in the "The New York Times" reveals that previously sealed documents in Brit's conservator case show that Brit has wanted the conservatorship to end for a very long time. According to an investigator in 2016 Brit said she “sick of being taken advantage of” and felt she was “the one working and earning her money but everyone around her is on her payroll.”

Brit told the court her dad Jamie was "obsessed" with controlling her and she wanted him out. The investigator reported, "She articulated she feels the conservatorship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against her."

· The documents say Brit's father controlled everything in her life, and Britney only got a $2,000 weekly allowance. In 2019 Britney argued that she was involuntarily checked into a mental health facility, claiming it was punishment for speaking out during a rehearsal for her Las Vegas residency

· Through all this Jamie has continued to claim Britney could end the conservatorship if she wanted to. "The Times" also reports that despite getting paid a $16,000 a month salary as Britney's conservator, Jamie is living in an "RV parked at a warehouse" in Louisiana.

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