JLO & Britney Spears Inspiring A New Generation With Montana Tucker

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Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have been at the top of their game for years. Even as we play them on Totally 93.9 they’re inspiring a whole new generation that never saw them on TRL. That same generation is helping recreate some of their most iconic moments on social media. One of those people is a new artist from the 305 Montana Tucker. She’s amassed millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok with her viral dance videos. Montana has even used those platforms to help build her successful music career. She explains to us how artist like JLO and Britney have helped inspire her.

According to Montana “When I was 9 years old because I loved to dance so my Mom bought me Darrin Henson’s Darrin’s Dance Grooves video tape. At that time he was the choreographer to JLo, Brittney, and NSync I started doing the dances and pretending I was JLo and Britney. I even tried to dress like them. Well it really is crazy how things happen but my Mom took me to a live Darrin’s Dance Grooves workshop and he told my mom that I remind him of a young Britney and JLo. He booked me for a dancer job and then later my Mom became partners with Darrin in a dance company I began modeling and booked so many modeling and videos that were looking for younger looking JLo’s. I went to Britney’s first ever concert in Pompano at the small Amphitheater and then continued to go to any concert I could of hers and same with JLo. I booked a music video as a young JLo and then I have done REAL INSTAGRAM videos with her and have been her guest at her recent concerts where she had me backstage with her and attended her after parties. She still is my idol. She is a true quadruple threat!!! I admire her work ethics, talent, but most important the great mother she is to her kids. I really love her”!!!”

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