COVID-19 Map Calculates Health Risk For Thanksgiving Dinner

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According to a recent survey 62% of Americans say they will be spending Thanksgiving with 10 or more relatives. Some people I’ve talked to plan on taking tests before and after they have Thanksgiving with family. There is no perfect plan in place but so many people are trying to mitigate risk by taking those tests, having dinner outside or just all together staying home.

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a map that allows you to zoom in on your area, choose the number of people you think will be there and you'll learn the odds of at least one COVID-19 positive person being there.

What we want to do is help people understand the risk of people who come in from out of town so they can check what the rates are at their friends and family origin, or we can understand the risk of where we're going," said Clio Andris, part of the research team that developed the tool.

The map uses COVID-19 case data and county population numbers to calculate the chances that a person with COVID will be near, depending on the number of people in one space.

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