See Young Jenna From '13 Going On 30' Now - And Her Awesome TikTok Videos!

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So I’ve been creating a father, daughter movie list (keep in mind she’s only 7). I think she might still be too young to watch 13 Going On 30. Before we get to my list, Christa B. Allen, the actress who played Young Jenna in 13 Going on 30, recreated the looks from the movie on her Tik Tok. She looks exactly like Jennifer Garner what do you think?

Here’s the trailer for a refresher:

She even remade the “Thriller,” dance!

Eventually I’ll work my way up to watching 13 Going On 30 with her. Here's my list for father, daughter movies, let me know what you think.

1) The Princess Diaries

2) My Girl

3) Sandlot

4) The Parent Trap

5) The Princess Bride

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