Man Finds A Spider That Looks Like It Crawled Out Of 'Harry Potter'

(Getty Images)

Since I’ve been staying home I decided to do some home renovations, especially in the backyard. So far I’ve only come across some of those giant toads and thankfully no snakes. I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw this sitting in my backyard!

A Reddit user found a huge spider in his garden and frankly we’re scared! The spider looks just like Aragog from Harry Potter.

The user posted the picture trying to get information about the type of spider it was. People were shocked at the sight of the spider which one user identified as a wolf spider.

According to National Geographic, "Once wolf spiders catch their prey, they either mash it up into a ball or inject venom into it, liquefying the internal organs into a wolf-spider smoothie.”

If you’re wondering what a wolf spider looks like it can be identified with its eight tiny eyes, two large ones at the top of the head, two at the front, and four smaller eyes in a row just above its mouth.

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