Uber Eats Launched Feature That Lets You Send Starbucks To Your Loved Ones

Uber Eats just launched a new feature that allows you to send food to your friends or family! To kick it off, they are teaming up with Starbucks.

People can select to send a drink or menu item from Starbucks to whoever they choose! It works the same way as if you were to order something for yourself, all you have to do is select the address of the recipient.

Then you'll be able to share delivery status with them so they'll be aware of when their food will be dropped off. Even if the recipient doesn't have the Uber Eats app, they will get updates through text message.

This a great way treat a nurse working a long shift or a mom homeschooling their kids. With Mother's Day coming up, maybe treat mom to a surprise Frappuccino!

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