A-Rod Shares X-Rated Secret About Jennifer Lopez's Prep For 'Hustlers'

Im surely not the only one who thinks everything between ARod and JLo must be X-rated... But this particular secret he shared on the Golden Globes red carpet is pretty funny.

Chatting with Ryan Seacrest, JLo said about shooting her opening dance scene “I was like, ‘Please get a close up of my face, even if I look like a bat hanging down, please make sure [audiences] know it was me [dancing on the pole] so they didn’t think it was a stunt double.’ It was hard,” This was where Alex, with all his charm, chimed in, saying, “The one great benefit is having a pole in our master bedroom for six months."

We bet Alex! We bet!

The two looked happy per usual during their red carpet debut. But, as much as I love JLo I have to confess her choice of outfit didn't do it for me. Seems I'm not the only one that thought she was poorly dressed either.

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