The Jonas Brothers Do Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire, and Forget the Words

What is happening? Jonas Brothers were asked to honor Earth Wind and Fire at the 42nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony held at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C.

Super cool right?

Yeah... Until the boy band forgot the lyrics and that's not so cool. I know. It happens. But damn... This is the second time .... Remember when they performed with Stevie Wonder at the 51st Grammy Awards and forgot some of the words to “Superstition.”

I know these songs and legends aren't "of our time" but when given the honor to participate in something like this you need to do your homework. If you're unsure ask for a TelePrompter to scroll the lyrics. I've seen other artists do it. No shame in that. It's better to admit you need a refresher and wanna do your best than to come up short.

Here's their performance below...

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