#CheerDad has Gone Viral and You'll be Cheering With Him Too (VIDEO)

Rolland “Hekili” Holland is literally his daughter’s biggest cheerleader, and there’s video evidence to prove it. The routine he’s doing is Mackenzi’s squad’s fight song at York High School. Holland said his daughter taught it to him and he’d been practicing it for weeks.

Holland and his wife, Lindsey, had seen people videoing him with their phones during his antics, but hadn't paid much attention.

Well now he's gone viral and the best part?

His video has helped so many heal after a tragic accident in the community. Holland told TODAY Parents. "On the weekend prior to the game, unfortunately, three players from another high school were killed in a car accident, so it was a very somber week leading up to it. People have reached out saying this was what the community needed and that it provided a bit of hope and help with overcoming that sadness."

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