A Trial Vaccine Wiped Out Breast Cancer in Florida Patient

A Florida woman is the first patient to kill off breast cancer with the help of a new trial vaccine.

Lee Mercker from Jacksonville, was diagnosed with very early-stage form of breast cancer in March.

Instead of beginning treatment, she agreed to try an experimental vaccine at the Mayo Clinic, that aims to fight off early-stage breast cancer.

The vaccine is said to stimulate the patient's own immune system over a 12-week period, so that cells can attack the cancer.

“It’s supposed to be just off the shelf, kind of similar to when you get the flu shot or pneumonia shot,” said Dr. Saranya Chumsri.

For Lee Mercker, who participated in the trial and had been diagnosed with DCIS stage zero cancer, the vaccine was a success! Mecker still underwent a mastectomy to make sure all the cancer was removed.

This vaccine is groundbreaking and we are so excited about the possibility of saving lives because of it!

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