UM’s Sebastian The Ibis in the Running to Join Mascot Hall Of Fame

Voting starts on Sunday, Oct. 20th and anyone can vote!

Sports mascots are elected each year by members of the hall of fame and an executive committee.

The 24-member executive committee has selected 10 of the top mascots to move on to the Final Ballot.

The 10 finalists are: Youppi! of the Montreal Canadiens, Blue of the Indianapolis Colts, S. J. Sharkie of the San Jose Sharks, Boomer of the Indiana Pacers, UM’s Sebastian The Ibis, Globie of the Harlem Globetrotters, The Oriole Bird of the Baltimore Orioles, Jaxson de Ville of the Jacksonville Jaguars, T.C. Bear of the Minnesota Twins, and Bernie the Brewer of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Mascot Hall of Fame honors performers, performances, and programs that have positively impacted their communities. Sebastian the Ibis has certainly done that!

You can vote HERE!

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