Miami Beach Police Officer Under Investigation After Viral Video

Ugh... come on man....

I always try so hard to support our all police departments, especially considering the fact that I’m engaged to a cop! But sometimes officers just cross the line.

Miami Beach Police Officer Beeker became a hot topic of conversation today after a video of him escorting three half naked, handcuffed women into the department headquarters went viral. The ladies are porn models.

MBPD released a statement saying:

“On Monday, October 7, the Department was made aware of a video posted to social media. Chief Richard Clements immediately launched an Internal Affairs investigation and placed Officer William Beeker in an administrative capacity while the investigation takes its course.”

Later in the day Police Chief Richard Clements suspended Beeker and another statement was released saying:

"After further review of the circumstances surrounding these videos, I have relieved Officer William Beeker of duty pending the outcome of our internal investigation,"

My thoughts are, sure, he's not doing anything "wrong" by playing along with this content piece created by the ladies. But I don't think the uniform and badge should be used for anyone else's "content pieces." There should be a line of respect for the badge that goes beyond getting likes and causing giggles.

Am I wrong?

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