Latina Spotlight Hispanic Heritage Month: Karen Hoyos

Karen Hoyos, P.h.D. is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author, successful entrepreneur, and one of the most influential leaders in the area of personal development with over 40,000 graduates of her seminars.

Born in Colombia, Karen moved to the USA pursuing happiness and healing after surviving domestic violence while pregnant with her twin sons.

She invested everything she had into her personal growth and started sharing her message around the world and in only 10 months, she reached millions of people through her TV appearances, on CNN, NBC, UNIVISION, and TELEMUNDO. 

Today, 16 years later, she travels the world speaking in front of thousands and personally coaches celebrities and influential leaders including clients like Harvard University, The New York Times, and the United Nations.

She is currently building her third company, a startup that combines the coaching industry with technology and is the author of Purpose: The Ultimate Quest, published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon and Schuester.

She will be the recipient of the Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council where she will also be the keynote speaker at the Latino Leaders Conference on October 16, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

Karen is the special guest keynote speaker at Web congress in November, 2019, one of the largest digital marketing congresses in America.

Watch her spotlight feature below!

Learn more about Karen, her passion, and her book listening to our full interview on Chats with GiGi podcast below!

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