VIP Kick Off for Hialeah Pride "One Love" at La Cocina

I am thrilled to be back at this event! Last year I had the honor of hosting the first ever Hialeah Pride event in the city of Hialeah. In MY city. It was amazing to see our community come together in support of the LGBTQ community and I know that this year it'll be even bigger! I'm especially excited cause this year I'm also bringing my dancers from GiGi's Academy to perform!

We had the launch party yesterday at La Cocina, in Hialeah and it was a blast!

Below, Hialeah Pride's Message:

Hialeah Pride was created withONE mission, We wanted to build an all inclusive safe space for self expression, a space to inspire your authentic sense of pride with the continued strength for equality for all.
Hialeah Pride does not believe in separating our community by hosting stages or spaces by gender or identity.
We believe we are ONE with ONE voice and all with the ONE same right.......Equality.
We believe if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, young, mature and our allies we all should come together and celebrate our community loudly as ONE proud human family!

General Admission is free for the event and there's a limited number of VIP tickets! Get in on the celebration below!

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