WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Surprises Miami Fans Before Hustlers Movie Showing

I still can barely breathe.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I am obsessed with becoming my own version of JLo. Her drive, her ingenuity, her ability to make the right moves at the right time, and her abs are just a few of the characteristics I adore about this woman. She motivates me to do more and never stop no matter what.

When she released Second Act I had the pleasure of hosting the screening and introducing her and ARod to the Miami crowd in the movie theater. But this was above and beyond. I introduced her and

I've never been star struck by anyone I've worked with or interviewed. But Jennifer Lopez is my idol. Having her walk in, hug me, linger on me, and host the crowd with me was FAMAZING! I'm definitely still on cloud 9 about it.

As a diehard fan, like most of her fans are, I've watched all her movies. Some I have watched more than once. But let me tell you, the Hustlers Movie is her best work yet. Her acting is amazing, the storyline is multilayered, the cast is sick and the fact that the movie is based on true events all comes together beautifully for what I think is her best movie yet.

The Oscar talk... I can totally see it after watching Hustlers.

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