85 New Programs Available for Students in Miami Dade

Lots of new things coming to Miami Dade County schools this year. In addition to healthier lunch options, vegan and vegetarian options, plus some favorites like chicken and rice and spaghetti are making their way back to the cafeterias.

But it's not just the yummies getting an upgrade this year, the curriculum is too! There are 85 new programs coming to our schools.

Miami-Dade public schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said creating and enhancing programs improves student learning by giving them more chances for involvement.

“Eighty-five new programs. Anything from musical to visual arts programs to robotics, engineering, artificial intelligence. Collaboration with Zoo Miami. New Spanish programs. New Pre-K programs. We have something for everyone in Miami-Dade. One size fits none. But the best thing is the smile on the face of a kindergarten teacher welcoming a student for the first time. It’s going to be the explosive happiness of students parents and teachers alike,” he said.

Parents in both counties, make sure you bookmark the websites below to stay informed of important dates, testing information, and these new academic programs.





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