Thomas Rhett Singing 'Happy Birthday' To His Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

I have worked with kids for a little bit over 16 years in my dance studio GiGi’s Academy. This time has shown me that taken care of and raising children is not nearly as easy or glamorous as they make it seem in movies and Instagram posts. Because of this, despite my absolute love of kids, I am 99.9% sure I don’t want any of my own. Are used to, but not anymore.

However, when sweet posts like this pop up on my feed it almost, ALMOST gives me baby fever!!

The messy hair, the adorable walk, the sleepy face, the importance of dad being sweet and singing her happy birthday, the concern in mom’s face making sure she’s just sleepy and isn’t crying... The entire moment is so absolutely beautiful!

What's an absolutely beautiful moment you remember as a parent?

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