Seesaw Installation on US-Mexico Border Allows Kids on Both Sides to Play

This is been the most moving news I’ve seen all day. The border between the United States and Mexico has been a place of turmoil for generations and it feels as though in the recent years it’s even more so. But in Sunland Park, New Mexico and Juarez there is a slight difference in the usual energy and negativity associated with the border.

Virginia San Fratello is an associate professor of design at San Jose State. She came together with University of California, Berkeley architecture professor Ronald Rael and the two came up with the idea of installing bright pink sea salt on the border allowing children on both sides to play together.

The images have quickly made their rounds on all social media platforms and news outlets.

RaicesTEXAS posted a tweet about the creation process saying:

Art is such a powerful vehicle for change.
A beautiful installation at our southern border that reminds us that: “Actions that take place on one side have direct consequences on the other.”
We are all connected.
We are all one.

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