Guy Takes His Wife to a Strip Club, Then Freaks Out When She Gets on Stage

Ok buddy.... Listen... Key West is the kinda place where things get carried away, ya know?

36-year-old Chris Sutton was staying at a hotel with his wife in the Florida Keys over the weekend. And they decided to be adventurous, and go to a strip club together called Woody's.

But then he freaked out when the strippers pulled his wife ON STAGE, and she went along with it.  Apparently they were undressing her, and she was cool with it. But Chris wasn't, and he started yelling at her. So she walked off stage and left.

A random guy saw them arguing in the parking lot, and heard Chris threaten to KILL her if she left. So he stepped in to help . . . and got punched in the nose.

Chris claims he didn't punch the guy, and told cops the blood they saw on his shirt was from a fall.

The wife says he didn't get physical with HER. But he's facing battery charges for punching the random guy who tried to help.

What do you think?

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