Parents Named Their Kids After Brands of Alcohol, Swear It's a Coincidence

Ok look, I totally get not wanting to name your kids common names. You want them to stand out and be unique.


But, own it.

Sarah and Steve Mennell from Hull, England have two kids: A 12-year-old daughter named Tiamarie and an 11-year-old son named Jackdaniel. And those aren't first and middle names . . . Tiamarie and Jackdaniel are each one word.

And yes, it's like the booze: Tia Maria coffee liqueur and Jack Daniel's whiskey.

But Sarah and Steve say it's just a coincidence: They had a waitress named Tiamarie in Spain and liked her name . . . and Jackdaniel comes from a famous Canadian running coach named Jack Daniels.

In fact . . . they say they hardly ever DRINK. 

Do you have a super weird name?

Did you name your kids something weird?

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