Woman Who Died For 27 Minutes Shares Haunting Message When Brought Back

This is beautiful!

Madie Johnson's aunt, Tina Hines recently died. Now, this would normally be sad news, but Tina was revived.

After suffering a heart attached, Hines was resuscitated six times. Four times by her husband with CPR and two more times at the hospital with a defibrillator.

Tina was considered dead for 27 minutes.

When she was brought back for good, she wasn't able to talk because she had a tube in her throat, but she told her famiy to give her a pen. When they did, she wrote a message to them saying 'It's real.' When they asked her what she meant, she pointed to the sky to signal heaven.

Madie was so moved by this, that she got a tattoo of her aunt's writing on her wrist.

When Tina finally made a full recovery, she described exactly what she saw saying, "It was so real, the colors were so vibrant." She revealed she saw black gates and Jesus standing in front of them, with a bright yellow glow behind him.

Tina has since made a full recovery.

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