Maluma Talks About Madonna Collab and New Album 11:11

I’ve loved seeing Maluma grow throughout his career. Even though his lyrics sometimes are a little out of hand I can’t help loving him and his music.

I especially enjoyed his collaboration with Madonna for their single Medellin. The video was intense and the song is catchy as heck. They rocked the stage together at the Billboard Music Awards performing and it was a hit with fans of both superstars.

I assumed that the collab came together via Maluma reaching out to Madonna. After all, he has been trying to break into the English market for a while. He even commented on his visit to Jimmy Fallon’s show that he would love to work with Justin Timberlake (I’m sure I’m not the only fan who would love to see that happen!)

It turns out that my assumption was completely wrong. It was the Queen of Pop who reached out to the Colombian reggaeton artist to bring him on board with the Medellin single!

This takes me back to Wendy Williams talking about Madonna looking ridiculous on stage, saying that she moves like an old lady. Listen, Madonna is no spring chicken but she definitely still has it going on and the fact that she continues to reinvent herself is what has kept her a hit making and performing artist for so many years with multiple generations of fans and followers.

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