So #DatingProfileWhiteLies Are Trending...Have You Told or Been Told These?

If you're married or in a happy relationship, kudos!


But come on, you know you remember the circus that "dating" can be, especially in Miami. In fact, in 2017 a study done by WalletHub listed Hialeah (which is my hometown), Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and other SoFla cities as worst in the country for dating.

I was single at the time and I was so annoyed by the study that I brought in Whitney Hawkins, Licensed Psychotherapist and owner of The Collaborative Counseling Center, on my #CHATSwithGiGi podcast to share dating tips and talk about healthy relationships. You can check out the interview below.

If you're single, you're probably very familiar with dating and maybe even popular dating apps. I know I definitely tried a few back in the day and never, not once, found anything good on them.

Yes, I know there's happy couples out there who met on Match and such, that wasn't the case for me (or anyone I know personally). Good for them, though.

I did have quite a few laughs looking through dating apps while I was single. Which leads me to the new trending hashtag of #DatingProfileWhiteLies which was magical to sort through!

It's people sharing the little white lies some tell on their profiles and what they really mean!

Check out a few below and comment if you've come across these "white lies."

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