305 Things You Need to Know Wednesday April 24

-Marlins beat the Cleveland Indians 3-1 next game is today a t 1:10!

-Texting while driving in Florida could become a primary traffic offense punishable by fines under new legislation if passed by the Florida House. So right now you can only get a citation when you text and drive as a. 2nd offense. Soon it could be a primary offense. 

-A HUGE congrats, to The senior class of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who will have the “most insane prom” this year after the Parkland students won a national contest.

The contest was Put on by the clothing store Hollister. The contest will contribute $150,000 to the school’s senior prom set for May 11 at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. 

-Instagram is considering hiding likes in an effort to reduce social media pressure. If the idea is implemented, it would mean that posts would no longer show how many people have liked a specific post. It would only show that it was liked by a few named handles.

-Merriam-Webster is adding new words to the dictionary. A lot of them are words made popular on social media: Snowflake, Stan, Screen Time, and EGOT to name a few. 

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