Vegas Bachelorette Email Goes Viral: Church Plans, Banned Liquor and Sex

OK look, event planning especially revolving around the wedding definitely needs to be exactly what the bride to be wants. But there is such a thing as common sense, isn’t there?

I think it’s a little crazy to ask your friends to come to Vegas with you for a bachelor party and then tell them they can’t drink, they can’t have sex, and they have to be at church before 8 o’clock in the morning on Sunday.

This is not to say that every trip to Vegas has to be a debauchery, it doesn’t. But I mean... it’s Vegas...

If you want to have a bachelorette party that includes no alcohol and a church that is totally fine and you deserve that. Is Sin City the best destination for this type of party though? And should you force your friends, to do Vegas your way? I mean, flights to Vegas are usually upwards of $300 and that’s a pretty penny to be told to party like it’s a Bar mitzvah instead of a bachelorette party.

Check out the letter below... cocktail for your thoughts?

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