The Next Big Food Craze Might Be . . . Breast Milk for Adults

OK, I get it. As we get older we need more and more things to keep healthy and feel good in our bodies but I feel like this is pushing the limit. Actually, I feel like this is pushing it, crossing it and destroying it.

Looks like they are some companies out there, major ones, confidence that the next bit food craze will be breastmilk for adults. Companies like DowDuPont are estimating this could become $1 billion market. Yeah. It’s serious.

Apparently the reasoning behind it is that breast milk contain something called HMO, human milk oligosaccharide. This is awesome for babies because it helps in brain development, gets good bacteria into the colon, and helps to fight infections and inflammation. Right now synthetic versions of HMO used in baby formula are almost as good as the real thing, according to experts.

For adults HMO could help with things like allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, and even keeping our brains young. There’s no word on when fake breast milk is going to come out, but there are many companies working on their formula so don’t be surprised when you see it on the shelves of your favorite market!

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