Army Soldier Reunites with Puppy He Rescued in Syria (WATCH)

We love reunion stories!! You know many times while troops are deployed, they end up making friends with local stray dogs who help them get through their time away from home.

U.S Army Spc. Tyler Mosley of the 7th Special Forces Group. cared for a 5 month. old German shepherd mix, while he was deployed in Syria last year. The puppy was found next to her deceased sibling, and was brought to the Army compound. He named the dog Daisy because he says she was "something beautiful out of a bad place."

Now after being separated for three months, they have been reunited in Florida!! So happy for them and I love that he was able to get her home to the US.

Once Mosley was back in the U.S., he started working on getting her here. With the help. of the SPCA International, the pup made the long trip and arrived at the Destin-FortWalton Beach. Airport in Florida where Mosley was waiting. Yay!


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