12 Toy Crazes From The '80s

Did you even grow up in the 1980s if you didn't own a Rubik's Cube or a Cabbage Patch doll? Probably not. However, if aren't aware of any of the toy fads from yesteryears, iHeartRadio is here to help. In honor of Totally '80s Week, we're bringing you back to the days of ColecoVision and calculator watches. While many of these toy fads have come and gone, others withstood the test of time and have evolved to the new millennium. Scroll on to see 12 toys that were insanely popular in the '80s!

1. Cabbage Patch Kids

Photo: Flickr/tatika2mag

2. ColecoVision

Photo: Flickr/Josu Franco

3. Rubik's Cube

Photo: Flickr/Seckington Images

4. Transformers

Photo: Flickr/KTomlinson74

5. Teddy Ruxpin

Photo: Flickr/Halbarad Midnight

6. Pogo Ball

Photo: Flickr/Hobby Corner

7. View-Master

Photo: Flickr/modulor

8. Speak and Spell

Photo: Flickr/Yusuf C

9. Popples

Photo: Flickr/Fakie Spaceman

10. Slap Bracelets

Photo: Flickr/Holly Clark

11. Calculator Watches

Photo: Flickr/WAI's Watch Museum

12. Glo Worm

Photo: Flickr/Steffster


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