3 Signs Indicating You're About to Have a Career Breakthrough

Every once in a while, things change, and that's totally ok; especially when they're changing for the better.

If you're looking for a shift in your career or are ready for a breakthrough, here are three signs to look for in the office that could mean good things are coming your way.

1. You’re bored. It might mean you're ready for more responsibility or a new role. If your boss hasn't noticed it's totally cool to bring it up.

2. Your boss has been talking you up, or responding to a lot of your ideas. It's a sign they're convinced you've got a good head on your shoulders. They're probably not just stroking your ego. They've taken an interest and decided you've got talent.

3. You're curious about your boss’s job and what they do. It doesn't necessarily mean you want to steal their job. It just means you're invested and want to know more about how things are run.

Are you feeling any of this at work right now?

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