Uber Driver's "Menu" Offers Ride Options: Talkative, Silent, Therapy & More

It’s a mood thing.

For me, when I am in an Uber are usually just want quiet. Between work and everything else I do throughout the day I hardly ever get any quiet time so I’ll take it whenever it comes up, and Uber’s are usually that time.

However, sometimes you do want a little chitchat. On the ride to the airport if you’re on your way to a fun vacation for example.

This Uber driver in Seattle has gone viral because he offers a “ride menu” with five options.

1- "Stand-Up," where he'll tell jokes and funny stories about his poor life choices . . . including his time in jail.

2- "Silent Ride," where he won't bother you at all

3- "Therapy Ride," where you get to vent and talk about all the stuff that's stressing you out.

4- "The Creepy Ride," where he doesn't say anything, but keeps staring at you in his rearview mirror. 

5- "The Rude Ride," where he just tries to be as rude as possible. 

This is brilliant! Which one would you go for?

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