Camila Cabello Dropping Wisdom on Her 22nd Birthday!

Personally, I can barely remember being 22 but I do remember that’s some of the most valuable lessons I ever learned where all before I turned 27.

To celebrate her 22nd birthday Camila Cabello shared a tweet with the 22 things she learned while being 21.

The list pretty amazing and one of my favorite things on it is when she urges her fans to “create your own momentum.” This has been my way of life for a very long time. It’s so easy to get carried away by what society says you should be doing that we often end up in a rat race after things we don’t even truly care for.

I believe it takes a lot more guys to look in word and spend time with yourself to discover where are your true happiness lies and seek that at your own pace.

Happy birthday Camilla and keep dropping wisdom girl!

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