Jonas Brothers' are Back! See "Sucker" Music Video Here

I’m not even going to sit here and pretend that I was a fan of the Jonas brothers before Priyanka Chopra came into the picture, because I wasn’t. In fact I have a funny story about meeting Kevin Jonas on my Instagram which you can laugh at below.

BUT... I definitely was a huge fan of Quantico and an even bigger fan of Priyanka name became linked to these gentlemen I was all over it. Then I learned Sophie Turner was part of the mix too and that was the cherry on top cause Game of Thrones is life.

Anyway fan or not, I know how talented these guys are and that their fan army is intense! The internet went nuts when they announced their new song “Sucker” and I literally jumped with excitement when when I saw that they each had their respective partners as part of the video!

Check it out below, and tell me what you think!!

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