Oh Yeah! Krispy Kreme Is Selling "Conversation Donuts" for Valentine's Day

I'm not sure who's upset about this but, in case you haven't heard, "Conversation Hearts" won't be in stores this Valentine's Day for the first time in more than 100 years.

There's no one I know who actually likes those chalky candies BUT, they won't be around. 

The BETTER news, is that Krispy Kreme is stepping up to fill the conversation heart void this year . . . they just announced they'll be selling CONVERSATION DONUTS for Valentine's Day.

Now THAT'S something to be excited about!

These donuts are heart-shaped, they've got jelly or cream filling inside, they're covered in pastel icing, and they have classic conversation heart messages written on them like "CALL ME" and "BE MINE."

They also have more "modern" messages like "ALL THE FEELS" and "SO EXTRA. 

They'll be in stores starting next week and I'm not against you getting me some. 

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