Britney Spears Cancels Domination Las Vegas Residency

Sooooooo a few weeks ago my boyfriend's sister was talking about taking a trip to Vegas to see Britney Spears and it occurred to me during a commercial break a minute ago that I should check the prices on the tickets and maybe head out there with her for a girls trip. After all my aunt and uncle live out there so we have two different places near the strip where we could couch surf for the weekend and see Britney live. I've been wanting to see her on stage again for years! The only time I've seen her perform live I was a teenager and she was opening for *NSYNC. A lifetime ago. 

I log onto Ticketmaster and find THIS! 

There aren’t a lot of details yet. All we know is that she has canceled her Las Vegas residency and has gone on an "indefinite work hiatus" to focus on her family. Some people are saying it’s your father‘s health issues that triggered the cancellation. If you already purchased your tickets, don’t worry, they’re apparently giving refunds. 

I’m going to mope around for a little while now.... 

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