Really? "Bird Box Challenge?" Netflix Sends Serious Warning Against It.

I hadn't even heard of this show until I saw a the tweet from Netflix warning against the Bird Box Challenge and how they couldn't believe they had to actually send out the warning at all. Then it was like a veil was lifted and suddenly I understood all the new memes with a blindfolded Sandra Bullock as well as the roast from Chrissie Teigen to Kim Kardashian who shared on Twitter she has just discovered the show. All this good stuff you can find below. 

What's important here is that, apparently, some people thought blindfolding yourself like Bullock does in the movie (or is it a show?) and doing daily chores was a good idea. WHY? 

Needless to say, doing anything blindfolded can get pretty dangerous, so why are we doing this?

Here's the Tweet by the monster streaming company warning against the challenge. Oh, and in case you love Teigen (or Kim K.) the roast is below also! 

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