How to REALLY keep your New Year's Resolutions

Let's get straight to it. Did you actually keep your New Year's resolutions in 2018? 

That's probably because they were the same tired resolutions from the year before: lose weight, get healthy, drink more water... And I'm willing to bet they've probably the same a few years in a row now. 

Let's change that! 

While I do think you should focus on your health this and every year, it's HOW you focus on it that's going to determine whether you stick to a health related resolution or not. 

First you need a WHY, not just a goal. 

Why do you want to keep this resolution? Why is it important to you? You wanna lose weight so your skinny jeans look better... But if they haven't fit for 2 years then that's NOT a good enough WHY. How about getting healthier so you can play with your children or grandchildren without losing your breath right away? How about getting healthier so you don't suffer from the diseases that run in your family in a few years? Find a powerful WHY to your resolutions that will help you truly make the sacrifice. 

Secondly, don't be a hero. 

I know you're motivated and driven to REALLY stick to your resolutions this time around and maybe that's leading you to setting huge goals like hit the gym every day for 2hrs, cut all carbs, evict all sugar from the house... Don't do this. Truth is, if you haven't seen the inside of a gym for years (like me) you're not just going to drastically change your entire behavior and schedule from one day to the next. You'll get off the path quicker, feel like you've failed, and quit. No good. 

Instead, set smaller goals that are actually attainable so you feel you're making progress each day. This will motivate you to keep going cause you'll be celebrating small successes all the time. For example, make a goal to drink a cup of water every hour while you work. Set an alarm to remind you. Instead of extreme goals to work out, start with something easier to accomplish maybe a 20min home work-out or a jog around the block every Wednesday afternoon. There are tons of free events in your community that will get you moving in a fun way. Check out Eventbrite to find some around you. 

Thirdly, hold yourself accountable!

If your WHY (first point) is solid enough this will be easier to do. But do it anyway! Tell a friend what you're doing and ask that they follow up with you once a week or however often works for you. Set reminders on your phone that pop up throughout the day to keep you on track. 

Changing your life isn't meant to be easy and let's be honest, New Year New Me is BS. You're the same person on the first of January that you were when you fell asleep the night before. Same flaws, same excuses, same weaknesses. So work around that. Make smarter goals, make realistic plans, and hold yourself accountable. 

You can do this! 

Comment what your goals are below and how you're planing to achieve them this year! 

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