Bottomless Mimosas for Secret Santa Exchange? Yes Please!

Ok look... I LOVE the holidays, but mostly cause of the eating, drinking, dancing part. The shopping part... that's not as cool. See, I barely like to shop during the regular year so the stress at the stores and the delayed deliveries of the holiday season is definitely a no go for me. 

So, since this is my first Christmas with The Boyfriend and his family, and they're quite a few, and I'm saving for my first ever trip to Europe (suggestions are ALL welcome) I came up with the brilliant idea (yes, I believe it was brilliant) of having a Secret Santa gift exchange! This is fun, easy, inexpensive, and quick. 

The shopping was the easy part cause, aside from only needing to get one gift, I got The Boyfriend's sister who's a cooking and decorating fiend. So I got her an adorable coffee set. I haven't given it to her yet cause she had to work and couldn't come to the exchange, but I got bottomless mimosas so I could drink enough for both of us! 

We went to Tap 42 at Aventura Mall and had a blast! I don't know if you've heard me go on and on and on about their new expansion to the place, but I', obsessed with it. There's a kids area with a water sculpture to play in and 93-foot-slide to (watch the kids) slide from. There are sooo many new restaurants and gorgeous outside seating. Inside on the second floor in an entirely new Treats Food Hall with a little bit of everything for whether you're watching your figure or watching it grow. 

Check out a few of the pics below. 

What do you do for your family on the holidays? Do you buy for everyone? Have you ever done a Secret Santa before? 

If you need some Holiday Shopping tips, by the way, click here! 

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