Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens interview on Second Act Film

You remember how excited I was to host the Miami screening of Second Act with JLo and ARod? I was doubly excited to find out I'd be able to bring you an interview with her and Vanessa Hudgens about the film. 

However....  interview was scheduled to be with JLo and Vanessa Hudgens, and they both did a few interviews with South Florida outlets, but it seems like something might have happened cause JLo ended up leaving early.

My tiny heart broke in many pieces but chatting with Vanessa about her experience with the film and what it was like working with JLo was definitely still a blast. 

The upcoming year will be busy for both stars. Vanessa is taking on the roll of Maureen in RENT, which she discusses in the interview; and it seems like JLo will be launching a skincare line in 2019 according to a recent interview with Remezcla. 

Check out the full interview with Vanessa below.

You can also check out the interview on my CHATSwithGiGi podcast if you're on the run and can only do audio.

If you were part of the Miami screening for Second Act, or even if you missed it, here's a flashback! I was so excited to host this event and see the faces of Jennifer's fans when she and ARod surprised the crowd. You can check it out below. 

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