Kathie Lee Gifford Leaving the Today Show

After almost 11 years Kathie Lee Gifford is leaving the Today show and I'm not ok. 

I love Hoda, she's cool. But Kathie is the reason I watch. She's so raw and real (and gorgeous) and wholesome and no BS... I mean, as a fellow broadcaster I am thrilled for her that she's had such an amazing career and that she gets to put an end to this chapter on her own terms, but I'm not ready for her to leave! 

I'm selfish. I don't care... I want her to stay! 

She shared the news this morning during the show and released the following statement. 

“In 2008, I joined the TODAY Show family intending to spend one year. But something unexpected happened along the way: I fell in love with a beautiful, talented, extraordinary Egyptian goddess named Hoda, and an amazing group of individuals who work tirelessly and joyfully at their jobs, many of them starting at midnight, creating an unprecedented four hours of live television. I stayed year after year making a million memories with people I will never forget. I leave TODAY with a grateful heart but I’m truly excited for this new creative season in my life.  Many thanks to all the wonderful people who made the years fly by.”

Her last day on the show will be April 7th of next year, the show's 11th anniversary. I'm already putting a note on my phone to bring tissues to work that day. Kathie Lee isn't anywhere near done with her career though, just the Today show. She shared this morning she has new music and films in the making so at least I'll get my Gifford fix that way.... It just won't be the same though. 

The next question is, who's going to replace her? 

Many of her colleagues took to socials to comment on Kathy Lee's goodbye. 

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