Miami Guy Proposes with 6 Rings So She Can Pick the One She Wants

Ya'll gotta stop with this insanity. Although... I'll be honest, if I could choose my own ring I probably would. 

Dennis Brown the Second proposed to his girlfriend Atara Dallas last week in Miami and his proposal has gone viral because, not only did he use his designer skills to go all out with rose petals and giant poem posters, he also bought her SIX different rings, so she could pick the one she wanted. 

I've planned my fair share of weddings and know a bit about rings, good quality diamonds are not cheap. So I would love to know how much in in this box and whether or not he's returning the other 5 rings. Also, I wonder, did he chose 6 cause he doesn't know what she likes? I'm not sure I would feel comfortable marrying someone who doesn't know I prefer princess cut over any other, dislike halos, and hate baguettes (to name a few wedding ring preferences)

Apparently I'm not the only one who found the gesture a little weird. This woman tweeted: "If a man proposes with six rings, he's indecisive [or] he doesn't know me well.  Either way it's a flag."

What do you think about this whole thing?

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