NYPD Finds Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring Down NYC Grate

Dream come and nightmare all at the same time. This man, John Drennan, 36, proposed to his girlfriend Daniella Anthony, 34, in NYC over the weekend. Initially the story went that he dropped the ring during the proposal. Turns out, she had said yes earlier that day and the ring slipped off her hand cause it was too big, falling into the grate. 

The couple was visiting from the United Kingdom. They tried to get help when it all went down but ended up helplessly leaving without even filing a police report. 

This is where NYPD stepped in and went above and beyond by having their Special Ops team go down 8 feet into the grate and retrieve the ring! 

On the caption to the video the NYPD said: 

"WANTED for dropping his fiancée’s ring in @TimesSquareNYC! She said Yes - but he was so excited that he dropped the ring in a grate. Our @NYPDSpecialops officers rescued it & would like to return it to the happy couple. Help us find them? call 800-577-TIPS @NYPDTIPS @NYPDMTN "

The video was retweeted over 30k times which led the NYPD to the couple which plans to marry in 2020! 

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