KFC Announces Chicken and Waffles.... With Syrup!

Mixed feelings, curiosity, confusion are just some of the feelings surrounding KFC's announcement of new Chicken and Waffles with sweet syrup being added to their menu. Some can't wait to try it, others have specific questions such as "does the batter have malt in it" and others fear the new addition might mean the restaurant is taking a turn for the worst because of the change of menu. 

I haven't eaten at KFC in ages, mainly cause I'm not a fan of chicken... in any of its forms except the occasional fricasé de pollo and only when my mom makes it, but this... I have to admit... looks pretty interesting. 

I've tried chicken and waffles only once, in Tennessee cause it felt right to try it since the waitress recommended it saying "it's the best traditional dish on our menu" when I asked for suggestions. I was a dream! Coming from someone who doesn't like chicken, that says a lot. This was also over 10 years ago... 

What do you think? Good addition to the menu? 

Have you tried Chicken and Waffles before? 

Love it? Hate it?

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