Sia's Music + Student Dancers = Awe-Inspiring Anti-Gun Violence Video

While this is NOT a post about gun violence or the politics behind it, the video below IS. 

I'm not looking to share or discuss my political views on guns, the right to carry, gun violence, mental health, or any of the other incredibly important related issues. 

I'm here because I love to see STUDENTS expressing themselves in a positive and healthy way. I'm sharing this video because I'm hoping other students who are struggling with issues - whether gun violence related or not - will find the option of dance as a means to healing and expression, or at least become curious about other art forms that can help them heal. I'm hoping students will see these peers coming together as a community and connecting through similar interests and doing something great and they, too, will be inspired to do the same with whatever hurts them, instead of hurting others or themselves. 

Pain is inevitable in life. Sometimes it starts inside, sometimes it's caused by others, sometimes by circumstances, but it can always be overcome with love and kindness; even if that means giving love in return for the pain, especially if it means being kind to yourself while you heal. 

Make something great and beautiful out of whatever hurts or scares you. 

You are wonderful.

You are powerful. 

You are capable. 

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