'Pineapple Boobs' the Hottest New Instagram Thing?

Seems like every few weeks there's a new Instagram "thing" the cool kids are doing and nothing ever makes me feel as old as thinking to my self - almost every time - "I don't get it..." 

Well, I don't get this one either but I'm sharing it with you anyway; mostly in hopes that you don't get it either and I don't feel left out, or that you can explain it and I can feel cool and hip. 

Pineapple Boobs. Need I say more?

Beautiful ladies, topless, holding pineapples up to cover their breasts. 

That's it. That's the whole thing. 

I have really sensitive skin so I'm especially confused by why one would wanna press prickly pineapples to their nipples, but ... that's NOT just me is it? 

If you've taken or are planning to take pineapple book pics I wanna see so tag me. 

If you can explain this trend to me, please comment below. 

Have a succulent Monday!

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