Shawn Mendes and Michael Bublé... Flawless Combination

Is it just me or does seeing a music icon like Michael Bublé sing the songs of a young sensation like Shawn Mendes make the world a better happier place? So often in our careers (no matter what you do) those with years of experience rarely give new hires or new talent a shot. This is so good to see. 

"Love You Anymore" is Bublé's newest single, penned by Shawn Mendes - who although very young is having sensational success with his music. The song is gorgeous, hear for yourself below. 

Good news for those who were freaking out about the "retirement" news: During an interview for SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio Bublé said “Just consider the source. That’s all I say to people. … Come on, are you kidding me? I need the money. I’m not going anywhere.”



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