Bruno Mars Celebrates Birthday Serenaded by Ed Sheeran

Bruno Mars celebrated his birthday in 24K style with balloons, a customized cake, party hat, and an exclusive serenade by none other than the amazing Ed Sheeran. Naturally the boycrush moment (and I'm speaking mostly of my own crush on both of them) ended up on social media. Bruno posted to his Instagram with the caption 

You know you’ve made it when you can hire Ed Sheeran to sing you Happy Birthday. 🍾🥂 #ExtraForever! #HappyBrunoMarsDay!

Gotta love two stars like these coming together to have some good fun and let us be a part of it. Now I'm just needing to know a few thing: 

1- How can I get these two to serenade me for MY birthday?

2- What flavor was that cake?!

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