Miami Actresses and Actors, Micro Theater Miami is Casting!

There's so much to do here in Miami that it's easy to jump around from one amazing spot to another. But when one place calls me back over and over again, that's love; and that's Micro Teatro for me. This is a new way to experience theater. The "stage" is the inside of shipping containers that fit about 10-12 sitting in small stools, and the one to three actors in the play. Each play is no more than 15 min long, and they go on 8 times a night. There are multiple containers, each with it's own play inside and the plays repeat every five minutes. 

This means in one night you can enjoy one, two, or all the plays, but be sure to get your tickets early in the evening cause they do sell out. 

Between plays? There's magic there too. Wine, imported beer, sangria, a BBQ pit, DJ music and seating under the stars. 

I'm telling you, I hit Microtheater at least once a month and see something different each time. The plays are in Spanish and in English from drama to comedy to straight intense. 

If you're an actor or actress and would like to participate in this theater unlike any other, good news! They're casting! Here are the details! I would totally love to do a season of this! 

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