Taylor Swift's Role in Cats Musical Revealed!

I am a HUGE theater nerd and - believe it or not - Cats is one of my favorite musicals. It became a top 5 instantly! So to hear that Broadway was bringing it back was one of the happiest moments of 2018, to hear that Taylor Swift would star alongside Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Ian McKellen blew my damn mind! 

Back in July Swifties were thrilled to hear about news of Taylor's participating in the musical, but we didn't know what role she'd be playing which is obvi a huge deal. Rumors and assumptions spread quickly and many were saying she'd play Victoria, the all-white ballerina cat, but NOPE! She's getting a much better role (and better suited in my opinion.)

But this week, Lloyd Webber revealed that Swift will play either Bombalurina or Demeter, who sing the song "Macavity the Mystery Cat" in the musical. Either of these two are perfect roles for Swift who has a fun and intense personality! Check out the song, and the characters, below! 



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